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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Proposal for Reported Article on Science-Backed Plant-Based Options against Coronavirus by Adam Gattuso

Adam Gattuso
Freelance Writer; M.A. in Science Writing || (540) 226-8468

Hello everyone. I’m a freelance science writer who has been researching and writing an article on the science behind plant-based treatment options that are already available to be tried against covid-19. I am trained in writing about science for wider audiences, and I intend for this article to reach the masses. I was already vaguely aware that there is scientific evidence behind natural medicine, but what I have uncovered while working on this article has truly blown my mind. A food that kills viruses “like soap”? Yes. A disinfectant that you can eat? Sure. Treatments pre-packaged to treat covid-19 without the need for experimentation? You got it!—well, China does, at least. And it’s all backed by science, some of which is quite sophisticated. This article has the potential to save lives. The problem is that no media outlet, “mainstream” or otherwise, has yet dared to even consider this piece. That’s where you come in. Naini has graciously agreed to post this proposal here in what I’m calling a “reverse pitch.” If you know an editor or publisher who might be interested in this article, or you run or are building a website with the intent on reaching a large audience, please let me know. I am looking for someone to collaborate with to bring this project to fruition. 

Proposal for Reported Article on Science-Backed Plant-Based Options against Coronavirus by Adam Gattuso

Freelance Writer; M.A. in Science Writing
June 3, 2020
(540) 226-8468

A new hope to defeat coronavirus is at our door, and it turns out it’s been here the whole time. Existing plant-based medicines with millennia of use and decades of scientific studies behind them have begun to be tested and deployed against the 2019 coronavirus disease, or covid-19.

An observer looking back at us from the future—or forward at us from the past—would be astounded that no one is talking about fortifying our bodies with plant-based medicine at the time when we most need it. These resources are mostly untapped and unknown by public health officials in the United States and other Western countries. That is why I am writing a large analysis piece that takes the public on a natural medicine journey around the world and covers the scientific research behind the efficacy of a number of plant-based products that have been sold for decades in the United States. It will also include a bit of contextual history and culture along with the science. I intend to reach a broad audience, many of whom do not have prior familiarity with natural medicine.

I start in the Amazon, where the potentially skeptical reader can grasp that plants thriving in the most diverse ecosystem on Earth have evolved antimicrobial compounds. Inner bark from the canopy tree pau d’arco (pronounced “pow darko”) has been used medicinally for thousands of years. A 2013 review paper by scientists from the Universidad Tecnol√≥gica de Pereira in Colombia highlighted 36 studies showing that pau d’arco kills a wide variety of pathogenic microbes. A 1983 Brazilian study showed that lapachol, one of pau d’arco’s most studied compounds, significantly blocked several different viruses, including four strains of influenza.

Coconut oil has significant antiviral properties. A research proposal that lays out the case for testing virgin coconut oil on covid-19 was published online on January 31. In the words of one of the scientists who wrote the proposal, coconut oil “works like soap.” The Philippines’ Government acted on the proposal and is currently overseeing three clinical trials of virgin coconut oil on covid-19 patients. This has been reported in the Filipino media, but not internationally. What have the laboratory studies said? Well, I’ll just summarize one here: A 1982 study found that monolaurin (from coconut oil) killed more than 99.9 percent of all 14 viruses it tested. When monolaurin was mixed with sorbic acid, 12 viruses were wiped out entirely, including influenza and an avian strain of coronavirus. That’s right: Coconut oil killed a coronavirus. The readers will be even more amazed when they see which organization conducted the study—the U.S. CDC, along with Michigan State University.

I integrate a number of studies and plants into this piece that have the potential to help against covid-19 and have strategic purpose. For example, grapefruit seed extract is a North American discovery of a plant product with antimicrobial properties, and it provides a place for me to bring up awareness of herb-drug interactions. I will inform the reader on the science of Vitamin C, the most basic of the supplements with immune-support properties. I will also provide understandable details of how the coronavirus infects human lung cells and causes disease, because knowledge of the actual processes will help to reduce fear.

How did China crush the coronavirus in only 2 months? Evidence does show that the Chinese government has underreported their numbers, but if China’s outbreak really matched the U.S.’s in scale, then they would be lying about over 7 million cases and 400,000 deaths. Maybe China’s success has something to do with the fact that 85 percent of people in China treated for covid-19 were given traditional Chinese medicine. 

In China, Chinese medicine is highly integrated with Western medicine, including at the hospital level. Chinese herbal formulas have been supported by clinical studies during the SARS and swine flu epidemics, experiments in cell culture, and computer-assisted research. The data on front-line hospital workers who were given herbal formulas during the 2003 SARS epidemic is very compelling: In studies at Hong Kong and Beijing, all 4,624 hospital workers given herbal formulas were shielded from contracting SARS. For covid-19, Chinese government doctors have prescribed a specific herbal formula to be given to nearly all patients with the disease, and have reported that it is highly effective. Additionally, 23 out of 31 provincial governments recommended specified herbal formulas to be taken for prevention. Dr. Evan Rabinowitz, D.Ac., who practices in Washington, D.C., explained that though SARS-CoV-2 is a novel virus, treating covid-19 is not new for Chinese medicine. That’s because Chinese medicine is designed to treat patterns of signs and symptoms diagnosed in detail, which are well documented by centuries of clinical experience. Dr. Rabinowitz also commented on the benefits of scientific study conducted on traditional Chinese medicine. For example, evidence from rats and at least one clinical trial shows that Da Huang, the Chinese rhubarb root, can interrupt the cytokine storm. The cytokine storm is a runaway immune response that has been a major contributor of death from covid-19.

The virus uses its outer “spike” proteins to gain entry into human cells. Chinese studies have found compounds from traditional herbs that block the spike protein in the similar SARS virus. But even if the virus gets inside the cell, other herbs have compounds which block vital enzymes that the virus needs to reproduce its spiked envelope. Without its crown, new viral copies cannot survive: Coronavirus Dethroned.

For this article, I have already interviewed:
(1) Dr. Rabinowitz, who gave me an excellent insight into Chinese medicine and how he has approached treating covid-19 for his patients. 
(2) Dr. John Chen, Ph.D., Pharm.D., O.M.D., L.Ac. Dr. Chen has been monitoring the developments in China, and he is involved with the University of California in conducting a clinical trial of Chinese herbal medicine on covid-19 patients. He answered a few questions on my initial request; I have received ample information from his webinars, posted online.

I will follow up with both Dr. Rabinowitz and Dr. Chen before the piece is published. I’ve sought additional interviews, but my suspicion is that some natural health experts are afraid to speak out. (I originally wasn’t going to talk about the FDA’s censorship of free speech on natural health, but now I know that I must.) After I have the backing of an outlet that’s accepted this story for publication, I will seek interviews from these additional sources:

(3) Leslie Taylor, N.D. ( Dr. Taylor is an expert on the science behind the medicinal properties of rainforest plants, and has written books on the subject.
(4) Representative from the Philippines Department of Science and Technology, for a brief update on the ongoing coconut oil studies.
(5) A scientist from a reputable natural supplements company to talk about quality control measures and safety of supplements. I will also ask the other sources about safety.

This piece could have been split into three or four separate articles, but I am pitching it as one comprehensive article. The reason is that if split up, people might seize upon one or two potential treatments but miss the overall context. The context is that turning towards natural medicine is our best hope available for a swift end to the coronavirus apocalypse. This society’s rejection—and suppression—of natural healthcare at institutional levels is the reason why we are still in this mess in the first place. 

This article can make an immediate impact by informing society about science-based options that can be tested right away against covid-19. It will give a voice to long-marginalized natural medicine at the time that this country needs it the most. It also has the potential to ease current tensions between the United States and China. 

I have been preparing a working draft of the piece, which has a significant portion of content already in progress. I will use my voice to an extent in this piece, navigating the reader through an engaging and understandable science-based narrative. Many points will be made by showing, more than telling. 

I am happy to send some of the research studies that back all this up. I am available to discuss this article by phone (540-226-8468) or e-mail, I have been working hard for several weeks to go all out with this, and I have even more than I’ve put into this proposal. (I keep uncovering new information. For example, there’s a U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) study from 2008 that would be very powerful near the conclusion. I’m still fact-checking it.) If we succeed, this article will be a refreshing jolt that assuages fear, rekindles morale, propels swift action, and potentially saves lives. 

Thank you very much for your interest!

Adam Gattuso

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Free Facebook Live Webinars ~ Debbie Soul

Debra Soul || 347-968-0908

Solar Plexus ~ Regaining Your Power and Strength

Please join me Sunday, 6/07/ 2020, 7:00 pm on Facebook Live

About Debra Soul

Unity Reverend Debra Soul has helped many heal from the inside out.  She is compassionate and an empath, who works to get to your core. She guides you to new understandings on health and healing. 

Through her ability to feel and read energy fields, she clears all your issues from emotional, physical, spiritual and karmic levels from this lifetime and past lifetimes which can help you step into your power and true joy. 

Debra has taught many students Integrated Energy Healing aka Healing with the Angels. She also integrates Healing by Soul, Aromatherapy and EFT into her teachings and sessions. 

Author of Healing by Soul, Debra is an Intuitive Life Wellness Coach, a Certified Licensed Master Energy Healer, an Aroma Therapist/Aroma Touch Therapist, and a Unique Wedding Specialist. She serves clients from all over and has been featured in many publications and on multiple radio and live programs.

Based in the heart of New York City, Debra offers hands on and long distance sessions.

Social Networks

Facebook : @debrasoul
Instagram : healingbysoul

Free Kinetic Body Therapy ~ Guided Self-Treatment Bodywork with Edan Harari

Edan Harari, LMT
Manual Therapist/Body Therapist/Educator
Email : || Call : +1 877-290-8473

Join us for this complimentary community Zoom session as Edan guides us to release tension and holding patterns in our body using his therapeutic approach. #KineticReleaseTherapy

Free Kinetic Body Therapy ~ Guided Self-Treatment Bodywork with Edan Harari

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About Edan Harari

To be an expert in pain and healing does not come without costs. From birth, I was faced with health challenges, setbacks and traumas. I was born in Israel with a urinary tract dysfunction and structural deformities that required me to wear full-length casts on both legs for my first few months of life. After my family moved to Brooklyn, I had my first surgery when I was three, to repair my urinary tract. I had a similar surgery five years later. 

From ages 18 to 21, my favorite form of self-medication was escaping in the all-night dance parties of the underground rave and nightclub scene. While I dabbled and experimented with various drugs during this period, my drug of choice was and still is music, dance, and radical self-expression.

In my early twenties, I was ridden with a rare and severe neurological pain condition known as cluster headaches, a debilitating head pain that sent  me to the ER on numerous occasions. This illness is considered to be one of the most painful conditions known to medical science, and I can attest to that. After trying almost every treatment in western, eastern, and holistic medicine, from Imitrex injections to bodywork to spending time in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, I found relief from micro-dosing with plant medicine.

After about a year of attending weekly bodywork-based psychotherapy sessions called 'Open Orgonomy', along with designing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I was finally able to achieve a state of harmony and balance in my life.

In 2007, while lying in bed after a complete rupture to my Achilles tendon during a dance performance, I realized that it was time to make some changes. I decided to become trained in manual therapy and to obtain a degree in health sciences, so I could share my healing gifts with the world through my intuitive and caring quality of touch, heightened empathic listening abilities, and experiences with pain and suffering. I have made it my mission to serve others so they too can heal from physical pain and mental, emotional, and spiritual disharmonies.

Over the years, I have become deeply passionate about various somatic healing and movement modalities that are based in subtle mind body consciousness work. These healing and movement methods translate in the effectiveness of our everyday life, our work, and our relationships, but also keep us profoundly connected to our higher selves. I love helping people become free from all their pain so they can perform at their peak, becoming supple and resilient as children and animals.


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Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday, April 6, 2020

Robert Notter ~ Marketing Success Coach ~ New Webinar Will Forever Change Your Practice

Robert Notter || 212-541-8794

New Webinar Will Forever Change Your Practice
April 15, 2020 2:00 pm

About Webinar

I have a very special invite from one of our colleagues, for a class that will forever change the success of your practice, and I highly suggest you attend this webinar.

And it's because the world is in a very different place now and we want to help you make ABSOLUTE certain that your business is prepared and ready to evolve and grow and flourish.

This is why Robert Notter, Marketing & Mindset expert, has  created a new class, his complete gift to you and our community, to teach you how to structure your practice virtually and how to deliver your programs online.

In these unprecedented times, you can either be fearful and worry and scramble. Or you can set up your foundation in your business, have the right tools in place to serve your clients, and make sure you continue to create income.

Here's the link to sign up as his guest and learn more:
Robert is NOT selling or promoting anything on this webinar, it is his complete gift to you so that I do my part to help you succeed, and help the world to get better!
Here's some of what he'll teach you:
  • Ways to quickly create online programs to deal with the new demand, including which technology to use, how to structure the programs, and how to deliver them virtually (all that you need)
  • The best ways to not let your income be affected by the current world crisis so you have a secure and stable future
  • The truth behind "marketing"' and what you actually need to do FIRST before you ever create a marketing campaign, to consistently fill your programs and courses with clients you love
  • How to overcome the fears and self doubt that hold you back every from income flow, and the feeling of security in your business especially during these new and challenging times
  • How to communicate with potential clients in a way that has them consistently take the next step to work with you
  • How to structure your business systems for repeatable results and profits so it works for you automatically, even while you sleep
  • Exactly how to get numerous new potential clients to the door, and what to do once they are there so you build trust and they repeatedly invest in your programs and courses

I will say, this class is like nothing out there and he has spent countless hours creating this content and the bonus handouts to go with it.

If you don't know Robert, he is the premier business coach for holistic pros. He's taught over 100K practitioners over the past 16 years, and has worked with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, The New York Open Center, The School of Applied Functional Medicine, The Swedish Institute and more. He knows his work and knows how to help you.

What you do NOW is going to impact how your business unfolds in the months and years to come.  This is the time to take a stand for your practice, your freedom, your income and all of the people who need and will need your help to be healthier and heal.

This will be a time of huge demand for your services, especially virtually, for your work. And Robert is here to help you and know that we are all in this together to thrive.

Please do all you can to attend this class. He'll also be recording it, so you can sign up and get the recording the next day. You can sign up here as our guest for free:

I'm so honored to have you in our community. We are strong and we are united, and together we can overcome and heal and help the world to evolve into a new way of living.

P.S. The full class will be recorded, and you'll have bonus handouts and worksheets. So please sign up to join us and watch on April 15th live and/or receive the full recording the next day:



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Twitter : @RobertNotter
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Diana Abrams ~ Insurance Agent ~ New York Life Insurance Company

Diana Abrams
Insurance Agent
Greater New York General Office
New York Life Insurance Company

My Approach

We offer a variety of products that can help you meet a number of insurance and financial needs, including, but not limited to college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care and lifetime income strategies. Please contact us to help you fully analyze your needs and recommend appropriate solutions.  


Social Networks
Facebook : Diana Abrams
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Twitter : Diana Abrams

I will be exhibiting at the Match my spirit Spring Health Fair & Holistic Seminars on April 8, 2020. 
Register Here

Warm Welcome by Blogger Naini Nakagawa of Matchmyspirit Inc

                                                                                                         Naini Nakagawa Hello and WARM W...