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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Janna Zarchin ~ Soul Magic Healing

Janna Zarchin
Soul Magic Healing

Janna Zarchin is a Developer of the Soul Magic System of Vibrational Healing™, she is also a licensed mental health practitioner.

Janna developed Soul Magic Healing™ (formerly Orionics) which is a quantum and vibrational method of lifting blocking beliefs and limiting patterns from the cellular memory. This process has given much relief to many; the process and the results are so effortless and helpful, it seems mystifying.

Among other credentials Janna is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, trained labyrinth facilitator, Reiki Master, trained Rebirth breathworker, certified hypnotherapist, Color and Sound healer, and has taken many other energetic trainings. She has been a mental health counselor for the last 25 years.

Janna brings that knowledge to help you and your clients have the deepest and best understanding of what is operating in their lives so they can change it.

Social Networks

Facebook: @magiccacao

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Dr. Munira Merchant ~ B.S.A.M (Ayurvedacharya)

Dr. Munira Merchant
Doctor of Ayurveda

Dr. Munira Merchant is an Ayurvedic graduate (B.S.A.M.) Panch Karma specialist and Ayurvedic cosmetologist from India. She has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda for about 30 years, first in India and then in U.S.A. Dr. Munira uses ancient Ayurvedic techniques such as pulse reading, aura reading and physical characteristics, advice on self healing through individualized diet, gentle detoxification through Panch Karma, life style modifications, stress management, daily and seasonal routines,yoga and meditation that are helpful in variety of conditions like Arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, skin ailments, weight problems, stress, anxiety, memory problems, hair loss and more. Dr. Merchant is also a New York State licensed Esthetician and advises on beauty problems. She can also provide guidance on therapeutic use of gems, colors, and aroma oils.

Dr. Munira Merchant did herAyurvedic graduation from Podar Ayurvedic Medical College and Reserch Center affiliated to Bombay University in India.

After getting her B.S.A.M.(Bachelor of Shudha Ayurvedic Medicin) degree, she did her residency in Panch Karma(Detoxification therapies ) from Podar Ayurvedic Hospital and Research center in Bombay India. After that she trained in medical and cosmetic Accupunture, Therapeutic yoga and Ayurvedic Cosmetology and began her career joining as medical consultant at Charak Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals in Bombay India. From 1993 she completely devoted to her own practice in Ayurvedic medicine,Panch Karma and Ayurvedic cosmetology.

To enhance her knowledge in anti ageing medicine, she did advance training on Bio Identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy conducted by anti aging medicine academy of India(A4MI) affiliated with American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

With knowledge of anti aging medicine, modern skin care and ancient Ayurveda she frames facial and body treatments to lessen aging signs.

After practicing in India Dr.Merchant then moved to New York, U.S.A. to join her husband and son, both medical doctors.

Here she first took the exam and obtained New York State License in Esthetics. And seminar training on Anti Aging Medicine conducted by American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine(A4M)  Soon after joined Roop Ayurvedic Spa in Hobekon New Jersey to work as Ayurvedic expert. Here she used to do various Ayurvedic therapies. Along with this she also was working with Butala Ayurvedic Emporium in NYC. where she met people with various disorders looking out for natural means for relief.

Right from beginning, Dr. Merchant always liked teaching. She imparts her knowledge of Ayurveda very happily to her clients and students. She has been promoting Ayurveda by conducting workshops and classes on various topics of Ayurveda in the centers and institutes all over USA such as Edger Cayce center of New York,Sai  Ayurvedic college, Miami Florida,New York Open Center NYC, New York Theosophical society NYC Ishta yoga center, NYC, New York Head Massage Holistic center. Currently visiting teacher at Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda Rhode Island and Ayurvedic expert at Ishta yoga,New York.

Social Networks

Facebook: Munira Merchant

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Luis Melendez Jr ~ Certified Hypnotist, Lic (Acup), MSc Transpersonal Psychology

Luis Melendez Jr
Certified Hypnotist, Lic (Acup), 
MScHons (Transpersonal Psychology)

Luis is an American citizen originally from New York City whose personal journey into mind-body exploration began in 2001 when he experienced spiritual healing for the first-time while living overseas in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. The experience, which on the surface was very unassuming in terms of setting and administration, proved transformative resulting in the life-long pursuit of Self-knowledge including completion of two spiritually-orientated academic degrees with The University of Portsmouth (BScHons Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, 2010) and University of Northampton (MScHons Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies, 2017).

Certifications & Education:

Luis Melendez is Certified Consultant Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists as is member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists in the United Kingdom where he’s also qualified to practice Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Acupuncture. In addition, Luis has recently completing his graduate certification studies in Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis with Atlantic University, Virginia Beach and October of 2019, will receive his Ministerial Ordination with Holistic Studies Institute.

Social Networks

Facebook: Luis Melendez
Instagram: lmelendez_jr
LinkedIn : Luis Melendez

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pam Bilfeld ~ Holistic Coach for Total Wellness

Pam Bilfeld, certified health coach
lifestyle medicine accredited

Pam Bilfeld is a holistic wellness entrepreneur. Her focus: nutrition, exercise, stress-relief, quality sleep, positive mind-set. She helps men & women identify their health goals and together they create steps to reach them. Pam coaches through an online platform and with Young Living essential oils to help support everyone's overall health & wellness.

Social Networks

Instagram: manifesthealthy
Twitter : Pam Bilfeld

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Paula Tursi ~ Founder and Director Reflections Yoga

Paula Tursi

About Paula Tursi

Paula Tursi is Founder and Director of Reflections Yoga and the internationally renowned Reflections Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has been working with alternative healing practices in New York City and internationally for over twenty years. Paula developed Reflections Yoga as a way to integrate what she found most inspiring in other practices with her own personal truth. ​

Paula began her training at Integral Yoga, where she studied Hatha and Restorative Yoga. She went on to work with esteemed teachers ranging from John Friend to Rodney Yee and Angela Farmer. She has also worked extensively with Leslie Kaminoff and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the art of yoga, breath work, anatomy, and movement awareness practices. She is certified at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance and is an affiliated Anusara teacher. Most of her current studies are at the Body Mind Center with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. 

Paula’s work focuses on the alignment of mind and body, understanding that we move not only from our muscles and joints, but also from the support of our inner body. Movement or asana can start from the inner or outer body, however, movement initiated from the inner body can bring awareness and health to deeper systems of the body. Her teaching and insights are born of the ongoing study of anatomy and kinesiology with master teachers such as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Irene Dowd, Tom Myers, and Gil Hedley.

Paula holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Education from Hunter College. She completed her clinical post-graduate training at the Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. Paula conducts biannual Teacher Trainings in New York City and Latin America, teaches workshops nationwide as well as in Europe. She teaches ongoing classes, holds corporate workshops, and offers individual instruction in breath awareness, partner yoga and yoga for body ailments.

Services by Paula:
Vortex Healing Energetic Therapy
Vibrant Yoga Therapy/Spiritual Counseling
Breath Therapy and Energetic Healing

Social Networks

Facebook: @reflectionsyoga
Instagram: Reflections NYC
Twitter : @ReflectionsYoga

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Sriram Moorthy ~ Ayurveda Practitioner, Founder VED Living

Sriram Moorthy

Sriram approaches life as one of non-conflict, a way of living where one's state of being, outlook in life, physical health and emotional wellness are aligned. He believes that physical and emotional imbalances are communicated by sensations and feelings in the body. By addressing these sensations, the body, mind and spirit open up to new possibilities. Sriram eats healthy foods, exercises regularly, practices deep breathing techniques and approaches life by embracing both the bad and the good. He strives to inspire others to live life with this same passion. ​

Sriram was in the telecom industry for 15 years. While working at Samsung, he was the lead member of the team that designed and implemented the world's first global mobile phone. As an independent consultant, Sriram worked with Taxi and Limousine Commission at the City of New York on strategies to provide field mobile phones to their police force. He enjoyed his career but his real passion was in spirituality, health and wellness. In 2011, he quit his telecom profession and enrolled in a two year program in Ayurveda at the Dinacharya Institute in NY. He has since traveled extensively in India and US. He has consulted with scientists and professors regarding the design and development of an Ayurvedic computer model for health and wellbeing and has worked with physicians to build Ayurvedic profiles of foods, exercise and lifestyle activities. In 2013, Sriram started VED living to educate people in ways to reconnect through Ayurveda with themselves and create their own path to a healthy and happy life.

Social Networks

Facebook: @VedLiving
LinkedIn : Ved Living
Twitter : @VedLivingNow

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Timeless Tips - Raising Consciousness for a Better Life

Timeless Tips

Timeless Tips - Raising Consciousness for a Better Life.

Welcome to Timeless Tips, Raising Consciousness for a Better Life. Timeless Tips incorporates the body, mind and spirit with a focus on raising consciousness to help people live happy more fulfilling lives in modern society. 

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Instagram: Timeless Tips

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