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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Erin Saxton ~ Join me at the Inevitable U event at Columbia University

Erin Saxton

About Erin

That Girl From Jersey and the founder of The Erin Network!

I’m a multi Emmy-nominated and award winning TV producer, PR Maven, and Keynote Speaker.

Having worked on shows that include The View, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America; I’ve been on the receiving end of pitches for years!

Through that extensive experience, I was able to carve a niche for consulting and executing effective PR and Marketing campaigns for some of the worlds leading companies and entrepreneurs.

It is perhaps during this time in my career when I became best known for taking an idea and joining it with the perfect plan and team to direct that “winning plan” forward.

Today, I take all that expertise, my passion for interviewing and asking the right questions to deliver repeated successes to my clients who include: thought leaders, CEO’s, authors, experts and inventors.

So What Is The Erin Network You Ask?
The Erin Network is the platform that houses:

• My expert packages such as On Camera With Erin and Master The Media

• My personal philosophy and uncensored humor in That Girl From Jersey.

• And information on hiring me to be your Key Note Speaker

If you are a writer, thought leader or entrepreneur and you are ready to captivate your audience and the media…I have the perfect plan for you. Let’s Talk! 

On another note…
If you’re here because someone told you to check out That Girl From Jersey, well here I am, welcome my friend!

It’s so very nice to meet you.

What can I say, my Jersey swag gets around!

So, go ahead and binge watch a few episodes. It’s on me.

If after you watch or listen you wonder, “how does she come up with those questions,” well, my gift of gab didn’t happen overnight, I must confess. Well, some of it I was born with… but a lot of it I picked up along the way!

In the early 90’s, I earned my dues by organizing the back tape/file room.

One day as I opened a dusty box I came across a book published in 1971 by Barbara Walters, How To Talk With Practically Anyone About Practically Everything

I instantly knew that the wisdom in that book along with my mother’s daily advice – “It’s not what you say that’s important, but how you say it,” – were the key to connecting to anyone during an interview.

Some call it a gift. Others say it’s always been my calling.

The truth is this; I’m a PR Maven and I understand the art of simplification and the perfect sound bite!

My trademark is knowing how to extract and capture the juicy soundbite that drives action and gets a core message to resonate with any audience.

Here’s where the thousands of interviews and countless retakes have paid off! CUT!

Today, I knows how to interview anyone and get the perfect soundbite by having fun and getting my guests to laugh. My experience (and Jersey Sass) get the job done!

So, If you are a writer, thought leader or entrepreneur and you are ready to get interviewed like a pro, let’s talk!

Social Networks

Facebook : Erin Saxton
Instagram : @thatgirlfromjersey

Join me at the Inevitable U event on November 1-3, 2019 at Columbia University
Register Here

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